Caspian Region Environmental and Energy Studies

March 10 2015: The CREES PhD graduate school is currently not accepting any new applications. However, a PhD can still be acquired by independent research with one of our supervisors with expertise in that area. 

Over the course of the last decade, the importance of the Caspian Region for the regional and global security has steadily grown. Due to new geopolitical and economical conditions, problems in the areas of law, politics and economy as well as highly complex environmental issues have appeared on the agenda. These topics interact with each other in various ways.

The graduate school of the joint commission “Caspian Region Studies”, including the faculties of political and social sciences, law and earth sciences as well as the Institute for East-European Studies, opened its gates in the summer term of 2009. It offers the opportunity of an interdisciplinary PhD, based on political sciences, Eastern European studies, sociology, law, economics, history and earth sciences.

This graduate school strives to educate excellent young researchers. In their academic studies of the problems of the Caspian Region, students will profit from an interdisciplinary supervision. Beyond extending scientific competence, overall key qualifications, especially in the areas of knowledge transfer, knowledge management and science-relevant foreign languages are to be acquired. The PhD-programme will prepare young researchers to assume positions at universities and other scientific public and private institutions. In addition, it is to be expanded and shall offer young researchers – especially from the Caspian Region – the opportunity of furthering their scientific career at the Free University of Berlin.