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Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Cover letter.

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form.

  • Letter of Motivation: The letter should not have more than 600 words. It should contain a description of the planned doctoral thesis, as well as a conclusive explanation of the student’s motivation to apply for the Graduate School.

  • Exposé: The exposé should not have more than 10 pages. It includes the object of the thesis and the cognitive interest. Besides, the main research question and the explanation of the question have to be presented. The state of the art shall set limits to the topic and define the research gap. Furthermore, the exposé includes the method, procedure (with a timetable) and bibliography.

  • Two Recent Letters of Reference issued by university professors, research institutions or companies.

  • Certified Copies of Earned Degrees: Copies of higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur, High School Diploma), copies of original university degree (M.A., Diplom, Magister or equivalent).

  • Proof of Language Skills: All applicants who are not native English speakers are required to certify their English proficiency by achieving a minimum score of 100 in the internet-based TOEFL. Foreign students are expected to attain an intermediate level of German by the end of the 3-year program. International students without German proficiency will be offered German language classes at the FU Berlin's Language Center.

  • Writing Sample (e.g. M.A. / Diplom Thesis, an article or seminar paper): writing samples will be accepted in English and German.