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Evaluation of Candidates by Freie Universität Berlin

Only complete applications submitted in time to the Beijing Office of Freie Universitaet Berlin will be considered.

Deadline is 31 January 2013, however, we strongly suggest that you submit your application as early as possible.

The evaluation procedure will be coordinated by Freie Universität’s Beijing Office. The final decision which of the candidates will be granted a letter of invitation is taken by the respective professors of Freie Universität.

As part of the evaluation process candidates can be asked to sit an interview with representatives of Freie Universität in China.

Freie Universität Berlin will notify successful candidates in the beginning of March 2013 at the latest. Every successful candidate will get a personal letter of invitation for his or her application for a CSC scholarship.

The letter of invitation will confirm, that the candidate is welcome at Freie Universität Berlin for his or her PhD studies provided that a CSC scholarship is granted. The letter will specify the title of the PhD project, the professor who will supervise the PhD candidate at Freie Universität Berlin, the desired scholarship scheme (i.e. full PhD abroad or Sandwich-type), the intended length of the research stay at Freie Universität Berlin and that no tuition fee will be charged (note: some administrative fees apply).

A copy of the invitation letter will also be sent directly to CSC’s headquarters in Beijing.