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FUB – CSC PhD Program: List of Open Positions for 2017

As part of the FUB – CSC PhD Program Freie Universität Berlin is offering an extensive number of open PhD positions in a wide range of subject areas.

In fact, these positions correspond to individual professors of Freie Universität Berlin, who are willing to become the academic supervisor of a Chinese PhD student starting from September 2017. 

Positions are listed by Department / Institute. Please click on individual subject areas to get detailed information on the respective open positions.

If not stated otherwise, all positions are suitable both, for PhD studies following Scholarship Scheme 1 and Scholarship Scheme 2.

Please pay close attention to our information on how to apply provided on this website.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics / Computer Sciences



Subject Area Name of Prof./Research Group Leader
Biology Proteomics of Staphylococcus aureus

Prof. Dr. Haike ANTELMANN (Ms.)

Biology Microbial Ecology, Global Change, Soil, Evolution, Fungi

Prof. Dr. Matthias C. RILLIG (Mr.)

Biology Evolutionary Biology

Prof. Dr. Jens ROLFF (Mr.)

Biology Plant Molecular Biology

Prof. Dr. Thomas SCHMÜLLING (Mr.)

Biology Cell Biology

PD Dr. Jennifer SCHÖN (Ms.)

Biology Plant Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, Stress Physiology

Prof. Dr. Daniel SCHUBERT (Mr.)

Biology Evolutionary Ecology (Role of parasitic chytrids in regulating cyanobacterial blooms)

Prof. Dr. Justyna WOLINSKA (Ms.)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic Polymer Chemistry (Development of hybrid nanoparticle-hydrogel nanocomposites with "on-demand" activation)

Prof. Dr. Annabelle BERTIN (Ms.)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Alternative splicing and the mammalian circadian clock

Prof. Dr. Florian HEYD (Mr.)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Signal transduction, cell biology

Prof. Dr. Petra KNAUS (Ms.)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry (Biologically active metal complexes)

Prof. Dr. Nora KULAK (Ms)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Halogen Bonding, Main Group Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Sebastian HASENSTAB-RIEDEL (Mr.)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Quantum Chemistry, Matrix-Isolation Spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Sebastian HASENSTAB-RIEDEL (Mr.)

Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulation of per-oral drug delivery systems of poorly water soluble drugs) Prof. Dr. Roland BODMEIER (Mr.)
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulation of drug nanocrystals for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases Prof. Dr. Roland BODMEIER (Mr.)
Pharmacy Polymer- and Colloidal Chemistry Prof. Dr. Daniel KLINGER (Mr.)
Computer Science Swarm Robotics (RoboFish: analysis of collective behavior in Guppies and the development of interactive models for the control of fish robots) Prof. Dr. Tim LANDGRAF (Mr.)
Computer Science Swarm Robotics (RoboFish: autonomous swarm robots for the analysis of collective intelligence in Guppies) Prof. Dr. Tim LANDGRAF (Mr.)
Mathematics Medical Bioinformatics Prof. Dr. Rosario M. PIRO (Mr.)
Geo Sciences / Earth Sciences Geophysics, Geochemistry, Numerics (Modelling karst aquifer evolution under man-made and natural conditions) Prof. Dr. Georg KAUFMANN (Mr.)
Geo Sciences / Earth Sciences Geochemistry (Mountain erosion quantified with meteoric cosmogenic Be isotopes) Prof. Dr. Friedhelm VON BLANCKENBURG (Mr.)
Geo Sciences / Earth Sciences

Geochemistry (Metal stable isotopes as proxies for biologenic rock weathering)

Prof. Dr. Friedhelm VON BLANCKENBURG (Mr.)

Neuroscience Neuroscience (Environmental factors influencing auditory processing in mice with FragileX Syndrome) Prof. Dr. Ursula KOCH (Ms.)
Neuroscience Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Prof. Dr. Dirk OSTWALD (Mr.)

Physics Solid State Physics/Magnetism (Layered materials for spintronics)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KUCH (Mr.)

Veterinary Medicine Livestock – Environment – Interactions (Stress load of dairy cows under different climatic conditions)

Prof. Dr. Thomas AMON (Mr.)

Veterinary Medicine Livestock – Environment – Interactions (Aerosol transmission properties of Zoonotic pathogens from naturally ventilated animal housings)

Prof. Dr. Thomas AMON (Mr.)

Veterinary Medicine Biostatistics, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics (Data-driven research on complex systems)

Prof. Dr. Vitaly BELIK (Mr.)

Veterinary Medicine Immunology/Parasitology (Tissue resident memory cells in helminth infections) Prof. Dr. Susanne HARTMANN (Ms.) and Dr. Svenja STEINFELDER (Ms.)
Humanities & Social Sciences    
Department/Institute Subject Area Name of Prof./Research Group Leader
Anthropology Digital Anthropology (Digitalization strategies in Religions) Prof. Dr. Undine FRÖMMING (Ms.)
Study of Religion

Rezeptiongsgeschichte griechisch-römischer Mythologie

Prof. Dr. Almut-Barbara RENGER (Ms.)

Mathematics Education

Prof. Dr. Uwe GELLERT (Mr.)
Business and Economics Marketing (Managing Market-based Assets) Prof. Dr. Sascha RAITHEL (Mr.)
Transnational Studies Transnational Studies Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies

If you do not find an open position in your subject area on the list, you might consider looking for a potential supervisor at Freie Universität Berlin by yourself and contact the FUB - Beijing Office. Generally, every professor of Freie Universität could become your PhD supervisor. For hints on how to search for a potential PhD supervisor, please refer to the section on How to Find a Potential PhD Supervisor.

You might also consider applying to one of our Graduate Schools or Research Training Groups offering interdisciplinary research within a structured doctoral program. For more information click here.