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We are sure that you sometimes still think of your time at Freie Universität Berlin, your experiences and conversations with fellow students about, food, culture, language, classes. Some of your memories may be of the city itself with its manifold attractions; of green, leafy Dahlem; or simply of the cafeteria where you used to meet your friends. Studying at a foreign university can add the fondest memories to one’s life. Such memories are enjoyed best when shared, occasionally refreshed, and deepened. By organizing alumni events, the university provides a platform to its alumni to come together and to share and refresh their memories.

Opportunities offered by Freie Universität Berlin to its alumni: The alumni network provides a platform for you to meet and to network with other alumni, as well as participate in alumni events and engage in alumni activities of your own. For information on alumni services of Freie Universität Berlin and its various departments, please visit the homepage of Freie Universität Berlin Alumni Office.  

Further international alumni activities of Freie Universität are presented on the website of the Center for International Cooperation.

Please download our new flyer "Stay in touch - Freie Universität Berlin Alumni Network".

We would be glad if you contact us and register at the Beijing Office using the alumni online form!