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Profund Innovation – the Startup Support Organization of Freie Universität Berlin

The goal of Profund Innovation, the startup support organization of Freie Universität Berlin, is to establish a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and actions across all departments and ensure that it takes hold as an integral component of life within the university.

Profund Innovation supports students, scholars, scientists, researchers, and alumni for up to five years after leaving Freie Universität Berlin in starting their own companies, from the initial idea through to successful implementation.

Profund Innovation offers seminars and competitions aimed at imparting the skills necessary to start a business, organizes networking events, provides advice and assistance on matters relating to industrial property rights and finance scouting, puts members in touch with experts, coaches, and mentors, and provides free office space for business founders during the startup phase.


Profund Innovation – the Startup Support Organization of Freie Universität Berlin
Steffen Terberl
Haderslebener Str. 9
12163 Berlin
Tel.: + 49 (0)30) 838-736 30