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Available Jobs and Internships

The new internship and job listings of the Career Service are currently still under technical development, but will go live before the end of this year. Our services for businesses are currently limited as a result of these activities.

Job Postings for Graduates

Available jobs for student assistants and graduates and work-study positions cannot be published via our website until the new Career Service job portal is activated.

Internship Postings

Are you looking for qualified bachelor’s or master’s students for an internship at your business or institution? Send us your offer by e-mail and we will post it free of charge in the Career Service internship listings. Positions geared toward students of specific study programs will also be forwarded to the relevant department as appropriate.

Please send us your offer as a PDF file, making sure to give the file an easily understood name (such as the name of your company and the area where the internship is to take place). We will let you know as soon as your offer has been published.

The Career Service does not publish offers for internships that do not meet the criteria for a specialized internship. We also exclude internships advertised by personnel services firms on behalf of companies.

Incidentally, professional internships amounting to as much as three months (full-time) are a mandatory part of the bachelor’s degree programs at Freie Universität Berlin. Internship requirements are stipulated in the study regulations for general professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung) and in the subject-specific regulations.


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