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Internship Code (Praktikumskodex) for the Internship of the Week

The Career Service of Freie Universität Berlin aims to promote and support fair dealings between companies and institutions that offer internships and students. Companies that present themselves via the “internship of the week” feature voluntarily endorse the following principles:

Focus on learning

The internships offered as part of the “internship of the week” feature focus on the aim of training and educating participants. As a responsible company, you can help to shape learning processes. The job posting makes it clear what is expected of the students, and does not contain any excessive qualification requirements. Good training and familiarization, guidance, and supervision are a matter of course, and all are part of a specialized internship.

Around here, students don’t make coffee

Students who do an internship aim to gain experience and show what they can do in practice. They can make a valuable contribution to a company’s activities in their role as interns – if they are allowed to do so, that is. Internships offered via the “internship of the week” feature offer more in terms of content than just working the phones or running errands.

If it doesn’t cost anything, it isn’t worth anything

Students generally do excellent work as interns, supporting your day-to-day working processes. They supply new ideas or suggestions. We believe this work should be rewarded with more than just social appreciation. Monetary acknowledgement acts as an incentive and allows even students who are not as well positioned financially, but are still highly qualified, to complete an internship. As an “internship of the week” company, you offer your interns adequate compensation.

Three months is enough for an internship!

The internships offered via the “internship of the week” feature generally do not last longer than three months (full-time). Anything beyond that must be paid according to the rules on minimum wage.

A detailed internship reference – of course!

As a company participating in the “internship of the week” feature, you state that you are willing to issue interns a detailed reference that states the areas of emphasis in their learning and activities and also offers an assessment of their performance and conduct during the internship.