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SUPPORT for Students - Overarching Events in the Mentoring Program

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Bund-Länder Programm Qualitätspakt in der Lehre

Jun 01, 2012 — Dec 31, 2016
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Stefanie Hoffmann
Foto: David Aussenhofer
Foto: David Aussenhofer

Transitional phases such as moving from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree program or from studying to professional life present a challenge to many students. With this in mind, the Freie Universität Berlin Career Service provides support through its project “Overarching Events in the Mentoring Program” in addition to its open course offerings, helping the departments – and especially the mentoring units – to organize and hold events with a focus on real-world practice, with subjects such as personal skills, applying for positions, and positioning on the labor market.

These activities are based on the idea of supporting students throughout their studies. The project is financed through the SUPPORT program, which is aimed at improving study conditions and instruction at Freie Universität.

In the run-up to the project, a study was conducted to ask students about their specific wishes and needs. Law students, for example, are especially interested in services centering on study strategies, while students of the humanities and social sciences want more support with scholarly work and business students would like to have tips for preparing for the phase around completing their study programs. Students from all departments have one thing in common: the need for information on the labor market and career opportunities. Subject-specific events are held to offer insight into suitable professional fields to meet these needs.