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Transformation in Egypt and the MENA region

On these pages we collect articles, working papers and book publications of researchers from Freie Universität Berlin on the current political and social transformation in Egypt and the MENA region. This list is of course not complete.

Carola Richter & Asiem El Difraoui (Hrsg) (2015): Arabische Medien. Konstanz: UVK. Link to the Book Presentation (in German)

Cilja Harders (2015): “State Analysis from Below” and Political Dynamics in Egypt after 2011,International Journal of Middle East Studies , Volume 47 , Issue 01 , February 2015, pp 148 - 151

Florian Kohstall (2015), From Reform to Resistance: Universities and Student Mobilisation in Egypt and Morocco before and after the Arab Uprisings, British Journal for Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 42, No. 1, 59-73,

N. Belakhdar, I. Eickhof, A. El Khawaga, O. El Khawaga, A. Hamada, C. Harders, S. Sandri (ed.) 2014: Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence, Proceedings of the International Conference, Tunis, 12-13 November 2013,

Jassim M. Jaber & Carola Richter (2014): Building on Area Studies Expertise: The Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers, Global Media Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1, Spring/Summer,

Naoual Belakhdar, Ilka Eickhof, Abla el Khawaga, Ola el Khawaga, Amal Hamada, Cilja Harders, Serena Sandri (ed.) (2014), Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence. Proceedings of the International ConferenceTunis, 12-13 November 2013, Center for North African and Middle Eastern Politics,Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin; Faculty of Economics and Political Science,Cairo University, August 2014.

Malika Bouziane, Cilja Harders & Anja Hoffmann, Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World: Governance Beyond the Center

Navid Kermani & Gudrun Krämer, "Mehr Islam ist keine Lösung", in:campus.leben, 08.11.2012, Link to the artikel (in German).

Sebastian Elsässer, "Die Azhar nach der Revolution: Im neuen Gewand zu alter Größe", Zenith: Zeitschrift für den Orient, 21. Juli 2011, Link to the artikel (in German).

Cilja Harders et al., "Protest, Revolutions, Transformations - the Arab World in a Period of Upheavel", Working Paper  No. 1 Center for der Middle Eastern and North Africa Studies, July 2011, Download the Working Paper.

Jochen Staadt, "Kairo dieser Tage: Eine Tagung der American University in Cairo und der Freien Universität Berlin", in: Mitteilungen des Forschungsverbundes SED Staat, 29/2011, p. 166-69, View the pdf (in German)

Carola Richter, Medienstrategien ägyptischer Islamisten im Kontext von Demokratisierung, Frank und Timme, 2011, Link to the Book Presentation (in German).

Gudrun Krämer, "Die islamische Demokratie: Warum die Sharia auch mit dem Rechstsstaat vereinbar sein kann", in: Die Zeit, 24.2.2011, Nr. 09, Link to Zeit-Online (in German).

Hatem Elliesie, "Rule of Law in Egypt", Rule of Law Working Paper No. 5, SFB 700 Governance in areas with limited statehood, Freie Universität Berlin 2010, Link to the pdf-Document.

Florian Kohstall, "A new window for academic freedom in Egypt". In: OpenDemocracy. Free thinking for the world. 14.03.2011. Link to the artikel.

Samuli Schielke, "You will be late for the revolution!" An anthropologist's diary of the Egyptian Revolution 2011, in the Blog's public domain