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Experts from Freie Universität Berlin Available for Media

Would you like to speak with an expert for a commentary or an interview? At Freie Universität Berlin approximately 500 scientists and scholars are available for interviews with journalists investigating a particular issue. The Office of News and Public Affairs provides contact information to them – quickly and without charge. As one of the largest German universities, Freie Universität Berlin is able to provide expertise on a whole range of subjects.

The Quickest Way to Reach an Expert

Internet: Use the list of experts sorted according to subjects. The list contains experts at Freie Universität Berlin who are available to answer questions from English-speaking journalists. You can find contact information and areas of expertise by clicking on the topic that interests you.

Phone/Email: If you cannot find the topic you are looking for in the list, please give us a call or send an e-mail and ask for academic experts on a specific subject. Phone:+ 49 (0)30 838-73182 or +49 (030) 838-73189. Email:

For subjects related to North Africa and the Middle East you can also contact our liaison office in Cairo: or 0020 2 2736 2923 

Current Subjects related to the Middle East

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Topics for Journalists

Are you a journalist looking for a topic? For example, about an exciting research project, or a professor with a particular field of interest, or a development for the market of the future? Freie Universität has a collection of stories ready for you. To help facilitate your search for new topics, we offer journalists a monthly selection of newsworthy contributions, features, and background reports – as a reference and stimulus for your own articles. If you publish something, we would greatly appreciate a copy or a link to the online text or radio or television report.

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