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Structured Doctoral Programs

Information for Egyptian doctoral candidates about structured doctoral programs at the Free University

The center for junior researchers, Dahlem Research School (DRS), has established an overarching framework for structured graduate education at Freie Universität Berlin. About 900 doctoral candidates are currently enrolled in its programs, one third of them from abroad. Compared to the individual doctorate, structured programs offer foreign candidates a number of benefits: A comprehensive course program and a welcome orientation facilitates the integration into this new academic environment.

Many of the below mentioned programs offer their own scholarships. However, the Freie Universität Berlin Liaison Office in Cairo supports Egyptian PhD candidate in their application process. In addition, the programs offer places for candidates with self-funding or who apply for scholarships independently. Egyptian doctoral candidates can for instance apply for a DAAD scholarship. If you are interested in one of the programs listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Dahlem Research School

Natural & Life Sciences

Berlin Mathematical School

Application periode for the winter term 2016/17: 15 September 2015 until 1 May 2016.

Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies

There is currently no call for the Biology Track, the Engineering Track or the BioThinking Program. Please check back for updates.

Biomedical Sciences

Applications can be submitted continuously. Approval dependent on external funding.

Graduate School Plant Sciences

Applications can be submitted continuously. Approval dependent on external funding.

IMMUCO - Chronic inflammatory diseases

International Max Planck Research School for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing

3-6 PhD candidates, scholarships available. The deadline is 22 Febuary, 2016.

Materials for Solar Energy Conversion

19 doctoral candidates. Application deadline: 1 February for the winter term and 1 July for the summer term.

Molecular Science

Applications can be submitted continuously. Approval dependent on external funding.

MyoGRAD - International Research Training Group for Myology

Bi-national Doctoral Programm in Berlin and Paris. The next call for applications will be will be open in spring 2016.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies

The next opportunity to apply for a PhD will be from December 1, 2015 untill January 31, 2016.

Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies

Three-year doctoral program. Application deadline: 15 December 2015.

Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

Up to ten scholarships per year. Applications for the PhD programme starting in October 2016 will be accepted between 15 September and 15 November 2015.

Caspian Region Environmental and Energy Studies

Applications are accepted until 1 August for the following winter semester starting 1 October every year.

Doctoral Program in Business Research

Applications twice a year with deadlines on 1 April and 1 October.

Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

10 Doctoral Scholarships. Application is announced once a year in October. Application deadline is 31st December. 

Graduate School of North American Studies

10 doctoral stipends. The annual deadline for applications is 31 January. Interviews are generally held in April. Admission to the program starts in October.

Graduate School Global Politics

Application deadline is16 January 2016.

Interart Studies

There are no doctoral fellowships or postdoctoral posts available at the moment. Please check back for updates.

Latin American Studies from a Comparative and Transregional Perspective

15 doctoral candidates per year. Annual application deadlines: 15 February and 15 June.

Max Planck International Research School Berlin (IMPRS)

IMPRS for Complex Surfaces in Material Science

IMPRS for the Life Course: Evolutionary and Ontogenetic Dynamics

IMPRS for Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Further Doctoral Degree Programs

Leibniz Graduate School of Molecular Biophysics

Leibniz Graduate School of Dynamics in New Light

Graduate Center of Economic and Social Research