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Beispiel Gesundheit: Aus Hautzellen züchten die Wissenschaftler der FU Hautmodelle, an denen neue Anti-Krebswirkstoffe und andere Medikamente getestet werden können.
Health research: scholars at Freie Universität Berlin grow skin models from skin cells to test new anti-cancer agents and other pharmaceuticals. Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin

As an International Network University, Freie Universität Berlin actively promotes exchange on recent scientific achievements, innovative research, and priorities for the future that are also relevant for the planning and implementation of research funding programs. One major task of the EU Liaison Office is to match supply and demand of this academic expertise at the European level. Therefore, it supports networking and dialogue between scholars of Freie Universität Berlin and competent actors in research and innovation at the EU level.

Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin have excellent knowledge and academic expertise, covering the whole range of areas identified as the most pressing societal challenges in the EU. The EU Liaison Office encourages researchers to make use of the various opportunities to engage and participate in the processes of EU research policy making, such as EU consultations, bilateral talks, workshops, and contributions to EU discussions and events. The active participation in different fora and formats provides important information for policy makers and gives impulses for the formulation of future research programmes and calls. For this purpose, the EU Liaison Office also supports researchers of Freie Universität Berlin in their networking activities and the organization of project meetings and events in Brussels.