Freie Universität Berlin

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Library System

University Library (UB) and department libraries cooperate as one library system – one of the largest library systems in Germany.

University Library

The University Library (UB) is the central lending library; with holdings of 2.3 million printed items, it is the largest library at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Campus Library

The Campus Library for Sciences, Cultural Studies, Education, Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology combines the holdings of 24 of the former Freie Universität Berlin department libraries.

University Library Reading Room

The University Library reading room contains some 80,000 volumes, mainly encyclopedias, reference literature, bibliographies, handbooks, dictionaries, editions of sources and texts.

Philological Library

The Philological Library serves the Philologies and Philosophy in a building designed by Norman Foster (completed in 2005).

Library of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies

The library possesses outstanding holdings for North American Studies. It receives special funds from the German research foundation DFG to maintain and develop its exceptional collection of North American news papers.

Law Library

The Law Library is a reference library with some 800,000 printed volumes and 520 working spaces.

Veterinary Library

The Veterinary Library on Düppel campus holds more than 160,000 items – in a former riding hall.

School of Business & Economics Library

The Freie Universität Berlin School of Business & Economics Library with its approximately 600,000 volumes and a wide range of electronic media is the largest Economics library in Berlin.