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Excerpt from bylaws regarding the object and purpose of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft

With the aim of maintaining and strengthening Freie Universität Berlin’s tradition of independence and dedication to the principles of freedom, this association is committed to providing intellectual and material support to Freie Universität at no charge.

The association intends, in particular, to contribute to promoting academic and scientific research and teaching activities at Freie Universität. It also aims to function as a link between Freie Universität and the public at large as well as the university’s supporters and former members.

The association will pursue these aims primarily through the following means:

  • Establishing excellent, beneficial relationships between Freie Universität and its members, alumni, and supporters (individuals, organizations, and enterprises) in Germany and abroad;
  • Collecting and providing financial and in-kind resources to promote scholarship, science, research, and teaching activities as well as junior scholars and scientists at Freie Universität Berlin;
  • Supporting academic events (e.g., lectures and presentations) held at Freie Universität by granting subsidies;
  • Awarding prizes for outstanding scientific and academic work completed by members of Freie Universität;
  • Promoting the international contacts of Freie Universität;
  • Collecting funding in support of scientific and academic publications by members of Freie Universität through granting of subsidies;
  • Supporting courses offered at Freie Universität in the field of education, including public education, through granting of subsidies.

The full text of the bylaws (in German) is available here. The office of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the bylaws.