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Program Goals

Program Goal: Strengthening Networks
Program Goal: Strengthening Networks Image Credit: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The Research Alumni Program aims to encourage international research cooperation with former guest researchers of Freie Universität and the involvement of junior researchers in these projects and networks.

The program aims at the continued cooperation of Research Alumni and hosts at Freie Universität once research stays have been completed. Networks shall be strengthened and be opened to junior researchers.

Thus, the Research Alumni Program offers:

  • funding for the exchange of junior researchers

Research Alumni who are continuing their research abroad, are important stakeholders who may support Freie Universität's international networking efforts and the promotion of young researchers within these networks. They may

  • serve as informal ambassadors of Freie Universität
  • establish international research collaborations with researchers from Freie Universität
  • host visiting researchers and junior researchers from Freie Universität at their home institutions
  • identify promising junior researchers for research projects at Freie Universität
  • recruit promising junior researchers from Germany for research projects at their home institutions