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International Students

Bei Veranstaltungen des Internationalen Club an der Freien Universität lernen sich  Studierende aus allen Teilen der Welt kennen.
Students from all over the world can get to know each other at events organized by the International Club at Freie Universität. Image Credit: © Freie Universität Berlin

No matter which country you come from, we welcome all our international students! Freie Universität Berlin offers a wide range of courses meeting the highest international standards.

Find information for international students with a foreign school-leaving certificate, who wish to apply directly to Freie Universität at:

A strange city, a new life, many questions, and no new friends? The International Club helps! There international students from around the world get to know each other, go together to movies, museums, etc.

The Studienkolleg will help if your qualification is not recognized as sufficient to apply for a degree program.

Exchange Students

Exchange students can come to Freie Universität Berlin in the framework of different exchange programs. Further information can be found here.