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Public Transport

The public transport system in Berlin (BVG) is relatively extensive, with an underground network (U-Bahn), city trains (S-Bahn), buses, and trams. Using public transport to get from one place to another is usually faster than the traffic-jammed roads.

The Berlin-Brandenburg region has one integrated transport system which consists of three fare zones (A, B, and C). Accordingly, there are varying fares for the different zones. WARNING: Dodging the fare will cost you approx. EUR 40. There are regular controls by officers in civilian clothing, and there is no way around paying the fine if you get caught.

The following types of tickets are currently available:

  • The single ticket (Einzelfahrschein) is valid for 2 hours, but only in one direction with as many changes as necessary.

  • The day ticket (Tageskarte) is valid from the moment you stamp it until 3:00 a.m. the following morning.

  • The 7 day ticket (Sieben-Tage-Karte) is valid for 7 straight days starting on the day of purchase.

  • The monthly ticket (Monatskarte) is valid one month from the day of purchase.

The above-mentioned tickets can be purchased at sales counters or ticket machines located in U- and S-Bahn stations.

All students of FU Berlin (including the ERASMUS students) will receive their student ID card which is at the same time their Semesterticket. The fee for the Semesterticket (see link) must be paid before registering at the university. The Semesterticket is valid for all public transport in zones A, B, and C during the six months of a semester. The price for the Semesterticket is renegotiated every year with the public transport company. Still, the price is far less expensive than six monthly tickets for all the zones A, B, and C.