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Study Programs

Freie Universität Berlin offers a wide range of Bachelor and Master programs.

Bachelor Programs

  • There are two types of Bachelor Program: the Mono Bachelor and the Combined Bachelor.

  • Mono Bachelor Programs consist mainly of a major. In addition, one can take courses in professional preparation and possibly modules in a minor.

  • Combined Bachelor Programs consist of a major (50%) combined with one or two minors and courses from professional preparation.

Master Programs

  • Master programs last either two or four semesters. There are two types with different profiles, either “more application orientated” or “more research orientated.” Within the two types we differentiate between consecutive/non-consecutive, and other master programs.

  • ERASMUS students can only be registered for a master program, if participation in a master program is specified in the ERASMUS Bilateral Agreement between their home university and Freie Universität Berlin and is accepted by the respective department.

  • The Bachelor certificate must be presented at the personal matriculation at the latest!

Elaborate description of study courses can be found here:Studienangebot der Freien Universität Berlin

More detailed information on modules and exams can be found in the respective Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen