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Learning Agreement for ERASMUS Students

The Learning Agreement comprises a list of the modules/courses the ERASMUS student will take at the host university. It is an agreement signed by the student, as well as both the home and host universities, which should be presented to the host university before the student's arrival.

By signing the Learning Agreement, the home university confirms that the student’s study plan as listed on the Learning Agreement accords with the home university’s study regulations and that, therefore, the modules/courses will be recognized by the home university after the student has finished his/her ERASMUS period abroad.

By signing the Learning Agreement the host university confirms that the student can presumably take the courses as listed on the document. The contact person for academic questions is the ERASMUS coordinator at the department/institute.

Learning Agreements should have arrived at the ERASMUS office by June 1st (Winter Semester) and  December 1st (Summer Semester) respectively.

Here you can find an example for filling in the Learning Agreement.