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Studying at Freie Universität Berlin

On these pages you can find all relevant information for planning your studies as an exchange student at Freie Universität Berlin. First, ask your university's international office or ERASMUS office if there is a student exchange program between your home university and Freie Universität Berlin. If there is none, you can still apply to Freie Universität as a regular student. Please find information in our Study Compass. If there is an exchange program, after official nomination by your home university you will receive confirmation of your admission as an exchange student by e-mail/letter.

Orientation Days

To help foreign students to settle in at the Freie Universität Berlin the International Office is offering Orientation Days before the start of the semester. There you will get information on how to plan your studies, how to get access to the computer facilities at the university, about German language classes, and much more. We will aquaint you with the departments and other institutions at the Freie Universität. Furthermore, there will be the possibility to sign up for excursions and trips organised for you.

It would be advisable to arrive early in Berlin as the Orientation Days usually take place two weeks before the courses start (first week of October resp. first week of April). The Programme of the Orientation Days (in German) will be available here.