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Modules / Campus Management System

Modules are integrated elements in the structure of all the Bachelor and Master programs. Each module comprises at least two courses (e.g., lecture and seminar) of corresponding content.

Modules last one or two semesters. Modules with two semesters always start in the winter semester and continue in the summer semester.

Depending on their contents having passed the first module is often a precondition for being admitted to the consecutive module.

Information on the different study programs and the content of the modules can be found under: What can be studied?

In general, it is necessary to register for modules and courses online through the Campus Management System within a specified registration period.

More information (in German) is available under: Service für Studierende


Freie Universität Berlin offers various types of courses such as Vorlesungen (lectures), Proseminare (intermediate seminars), Hauptseminare (advanced seminars), Kolloquien (colloquia), Übungen, and Praktika (practical courses).