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International Week 2014 - Internationalization and Sports - new perspectivesfor universities

Freie Universität Berlin was happy to implement its third International Week in 2014.

For one week, Freie Universität Berlin invited ERASMUS administrative staff colleagues from the fields of International Relations and University Sports from all over Europe to participate in our International Staff Training Week. During this conference, our ERASMUS staff and the representatives of our partner universities discussed ways of stengthening cooperation between International Offices and University Sports Units within one university as well as on the inter-university level.

Published on this website, you will find the programme information and presentations.


Press Release:


1. Presentation of Erasmus+, Internationalization and Sports / Head of National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (DAAD), Siegbert Wuttig

2. Presentation of Freie Universität Berlin / Head of International Office, Elke Löschhorn

3. Short Cultural Introduction to Germany and Berlin, student assistant, Students Exchange Office, Omran Shroufi

4. Presentation of International Programme Strategies at FUB / Head of International Office, Elke Löschhorn

5. Presentation of University Sports Center of FUB / Director of University Sports Center, Jörg Förster

6. Good Practice at Unipoli Sport, Tampere / Kaisu Aarno-Kaisti

7. Good Practice at Universiteit Amsterdam / Marjan Kuiper

8. Good Practice at Universida de Vigo / Javier Rial

9. Presentation of Information Service of FUB / Katrin Niemann, Deputy Head of Information Service

10. Presentation of Services offered to incoming students at FUB / Nicole Schindler, Students Exchange Office

11. Presentation of Services offered to outgoing students at FUB / Stefanie Erthner, Students Exchange Office

12. Presentation of ENAS (European Network of Academic Sports / Javier Rial, Member of Executive Board

13. Presentation of FUB Short Term Programmes FUBiS / FU-BEST / Kyra Gawlista, Dirk Verheyen

Group work paper: Good Practice / Visions for Future Cooperation



Contact person:


ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator

Brümmerstr. 52 14195 Berlin

tel: +49 (0)30 838-70000