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Mobility for Students and Researchers

Weltweite Kooperationen in Forschung und Lehre sowie ein umfassender Wissenschaftler- und Studierendenaustausch kennzeichnen den internationalen Charakter der Freien Universität.
Global cooperation in research and teaching and extensive exchange among scholars and students mark the international character of Freie Universität. Image Credit: bIO-54o / photocase

Since it was founded, Freie Universitaet Berlin has been cooperating with selected universites around the world. The university actively supports students and scholars who go abroad as part of their studies or research activities, both for shorter and longer periods of time.

International Students and Visiting Scholars

Freie Universitaet Berlin is one of the most popular locations in Germany for the best international researchers when they work abroad, according to rankings by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) regarding the distribution of their stipends and awards in the various German universities and research organizations.

One of the most fundamental objectives of Freie Universitaet is research exchange on the international level. The exchange of scholars and scientists is encouraged through many partnerships and cooperation agreements with universities around the world. Through short-term teaching assignments, guest lectures, and workshops, visiting scholars contribute to the high standards in research and teaching in all the academic departments.

Go Abroad from Freie Universität

There are various opportunities for students and scholars at Freie Universitaet to study or work abroad. Further details (in German) can be found on the German version of this page.