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Are you a journalist looking for a topic? For example, about an exciting research project, or a professor with a particular field of interest, or a development for the market of the future? Freie Universität has a collection of stories ready for you. To help facilitate your search for new topics, we offer journalists a monthly selection of newsworthy contributions, features, and background reports – as a reference and stimulus for your own articles. If you publish something, we would greatly appreciate a copy or a link to the online text or radio or television broadcast.


In experimentellen Ansätzen können im Gewächshaus Effekte von Bodenpilzen und anderen Umweltfaktoren auf Pflanzen-Lebensgemeinschaften untersucht werden.

Climate Change on Fast-forward

Biologists from Freie Universität Berlin use fungi to study the effects of global warming.

Nov 25, 2016Read More
Frühe Medienhelden: Der Physiker Albert Einstein und der Schriftsteller Thomas Mann 1938 im amerikanischen Exil in Princeton.

Writers on the Big Screen

Literary and media scholar Stefan Keppler-Tasaki studies how authors used early film.

Nov 25, 2016Read More
Der Ruderer Johannes Lotz studiert Psychologie an der Freien Universität.

University Students and Olympians

Several top athletes are students at Freie Universität; professors act as mentors, helping them to better balance the demands of their studies and competitive sports.

Nov 25, 2016Read More
It is still easy to imagine the splendor of the Roman baths.

Joys of Bathing in Antiquity

Monika Trümper, a professor of classical archaeology, studies the history of baths in antiquity – and the physical culture that existed at the time.

Oct 05, 2016Read More

Diving into Research

Christina Braoun, a student enrolled in a master’s degree program in biology, travels to Borneo with a team of researchers to study corals.

Oct 05, 2016Read More
Students and researchers from Freie Universität do field work in the savanna in  Chimfunshi.

The Savanna as a Lecture Hall

In a unique course, students observe chimpanzees in Zambia.

Oct 05, 2016Read More
Ein Defekt der inneren Uhr oder zu wenig vom Hormon Cytokinin führt bei verändertem Lichtrhythmus in der Modellpflanze Arabidopsis (Ackerschmalwand) zum Zelltod. Links eine nicht gestresste Pflanze, rechts eine gestresste.

When the Biological Clock of Plants Is Disturbed

Biologists at Freie Universität discovered how a hormone affects the circadian clock of plants

Sep 12, 2016Read More
An der innerdeutschen Grenzen kamen Menschen bei Fluchtversuchen ums Leben. Deren Biografien sind nun an der Freien Universität erforscht worden.

Keeping Memory Alive

Research project at Freie Universität presents victims of the East German border regime and their biographies; commemorative book currently being prepared

Sep 12, 2016Read More
Junior-Professorin Sarah Hedtrich erforscht am Institut für Pharmazie an der Freien Universität die Ursachen von Neurodermitis.

It’s Not Just the Genes

Pharmacologist Sarah Hedtrich studies the causes of atopic dermatitis and has just won an award for her work.

Sep 12, 2016Read More
Thomas Ruhtz (second from left) of Freie Universität and Dirk Schüttemeyer (second from right) of the European Space Agency (ESA) work with students to prepare sensors for installation.

Soaring over Berlin

Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin go on aerial sensing missions to support the European satellite SENTINEL-5P

Jul 15, 2016Read More