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Hoffnung in Sicht: Seitdem bekannt ist, dass Entzündungsstoffe möglicherweise eine Rolle bei der Entstehung der Alzheimer- Erkrankung spielen, verfolgen Wissenschaftler der Charité einen neuen Therapieansatz.

Dangerous Inflammation

Neuroscientists study the connection between Alzheimer’s disease and the behavior of the body’s own defense cells

According to figures provided by Deutsche Alzheimer-Gesellschaft, there are about one million Germans currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. And the number is rising. After all, with demographic change in progress, there is also an increase in the number of those at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a particular form of dementia in which patients’ nerve tissue is systematically destroyed.

Museum statt Klassenzimmer: Schülerinnen und Schüler der Berliner Beethoven-Schule besuchten im Rahmen des Projekts „Bildung durch Bilder“ die Gemäldegalerie in Berlin – und wären am liebsten dort geblieben.

More than Just Decoration

Art historians and education scholars at Freie Universität impart “education through art” at schools

Louis XIV is a powerful man. Left hand on his hip, a jewel-encrusted sword hanging at his belt, surrounded by marble and royal purple drapes. That, at least, is how the French “Sun King” had himself immortalized on canvas, around 1700.

„Raube, um Geld zu haben“ steht in roter Farbe und griechischer Schrift an der Mauer der Bank von Griechenland in Athen, deren währungspolitische Rolle 2001 mit der Einführung des Euro die Europäische Zentralbank übernahm.

Bargaining for Billions

A political scientist from Freie Universität Berlin takes a closer look at the options available to countries in crisis when negotiating for loans with the troika

The elections in Greece and the renewed considerations surrounding allowing the country to leave the euro have given Susanne Lütz’s research project a timeliness she had not expected.

Last Update: Jul 04, 2013