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Are you a journalist looking for a topic? For example, about an exciting research project, or a professor with a particular field of interest, or a development for the market of the future? Freie Universität has a collection of stories ready for you. To help facilitate your search for new topics, we offer journalists a monthly selection of newsworthy contributions, features, and background reports – as a reference and stimulus for your own articles. If you publish something, we would greatly appreciate a copy or a link to the online text or radio or television broadcast.


A museum for Rio’s port: The spectacular building by star architect Santiago Calatrava is intended to upgrade one of the city’s poorest areas.

Marvelous Value Creation

Sociologist Sérgio Costa and legal sociology scholar Guilherme Leite Gonçalves explored the eventful history of the port of Rio de Janeiro.

Jul 15, 2016Read More
Feryad Fazil Omar, a scholar of Iranian and Kurdish studies, has been working at Freie Universität for more than 30 years to support the teaching and study of the Kurdish language and culture.

“Language is a medium for transmission of culture”

Scholar of Iranian and Kurdish studies at Freie Universität publishes new German-Kurdish dictionary

Jul 15, 2016Read More
Thomas Ruhtz (second from left) of Freie Universität and Dirk Schüttemeyer (second from right) of the European Space Agency (ESA) work with students to prepare sensors for installation.

Soaring over Berlin

Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin go on aerial sensing missions to support the European satellite SENTINEL-5P

Jul 15, 2016Read More
The ENSURE project can be used to call on residents for help in various ways, including to set up emergency shelters.

Doing the Right Thing with Certainty

In the ENSURE project, an app brings volunteers and first responders together in a disaster.

Jun 28, 2016Read More
A grave mound in Großmugl, Austria

Great Women Make History

Prehistorians discover that the massive burial mounds of the early Celts were used for more than just men.

Jun 28, 2016Read More
The Pantheon in Rome in a digital collection of the publication platform "Edition Topoi".

A Bookshelf for Data

In the Edition Topoi, research data can be published for long-term accessability.

Jun 28, 2016Read More
Hope in golden yellow: Mathias Dimde, a research associate on the team headed by Dirk Steinhilber and Professor Rainer Haag, turns a flask containing dendritic polyglycerol.

A Chemistry Set for Experts

Dirk Steinhilber has developed a method of producing highly tolerable nanogels and microgels. Researchers hope they will help to revolutionize treatment of serious diseases.

May 18, 2016Read More
For the camera: Modern agriculture is less romantic.

The Tale of the Happy Cow

Historian Veronika Settele studies the history of animal husbandry in Germany.

May 18, 2016Read More
The “big wheel” turns in Germany: According to calculations by the Strom-Report portal, about 45 percent of the wind turbines installed in Europe are located in Germany.

Graduates in Academia and the Research Sector, Government Ministries, and the European Commission

The Environmental Policy Research Centre looks back on a 30-year success story.

May 18, 2016Read More
Könnte ein einfacher Zucker die Lösung bei Demenz sein? Biochemiker Werner Reutter ist überzeugt von der Wirkung der Galaktose - und kämpft seit Jahren für eine klinische Studie.

Bitter Diagnosis, Sweet Therapy?

Biochemist Werner Reutter studies whether galactose is an effective treatment for dementia – and has been fighting for a clinical trial for years.

Mar 30, 2016Read More