In addition to her inaugural lecture, Prof. Dr. Verónica Schild offered the following courses:


Studying Latin American Institutions as Social / Cultural Practices:

Research Questions Through A ‘Gender Lens’

A colloquium for masters students and doctoral candidates (not only from the field of disciplinary and interdisciplinary Latin American Studies) that reviews gender as a method of inquiry that attends to everyday social/cultural practices and texts as forms of regulation, and extends its lessons to the study of social and state institutions. This is a forum for students to present their research projects and explore methodological, empirical and analytical strategies for local, national, and transnational research. Discussion will be in English and Spanish.

Zeit: Dienstags, 16–18 Uhr

Ort: Lateinamerika-Institut, Rüdesheimer Straße 54–56,

14197 Berlin, Seminarraum K03



Latin American Feminisms and the Reconfiguration of the State:

Neoliberal Modernity as Gendered Regulation

This course explores the question of power and Latin American states in transnational and cultural terms, with a particular focus on the social policy discourses and practices through which the gendered, neoliberal regulation of the state is produced. It relies on an interdisciplinary approach that is shaped by debates in historical sociology, social anthropology, and contemporary critical theory. We examine neoliberalization as a process of institutionally embedding social structural changes and new state forms. This process, spatially uneven but present throughout the region, is facilitated by the transnationalization of policy making. Our particular focus will be on the contribution of Latin American feminist discourses and practices to the rise of a novel form of ‘caring’ state alongside an increasingly punitive state, through which he vulnerable, the poor, and the marginal are regulated. Discussion and readings will be in English and Spanish.

Zeit: 25., 27. und 29.11. sowie 02. und 04.12.2013

Ort: Seminarraum in der Boltzmannstraße 1, 14195 Berlin