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Internationalization as Strategy

Freie Universität Berlin already is an international institution: People from more than 100 countries study and work at the university, global perspectives enrich the curriculum and inform our research, our alumni are spread out throughout the world, students and researchers study, teach and research abroad and in international teams in Berlin.

As a consistently international university, Freie Universität Berlin meets its global responsibility by educating young academics from all over the world and discussing global issues in teaching and research. Freie Universität Berlin provides all its members with international experiences and thereby ensures that they are well prepared to live and work in a globalized world.

One of Freie Universität Berlin’s unique characteristics is that its research crosses borders on almost all topics. As a network university, Freie Universität Berlin works within and in cooperation with other institutions in the region, the country and the world on the major global challenges and contributes to a global sustainable development through its research and teaching.

The key objectives of the internationalization strategy are:

  • to strengthen the university’s research through international cooperation and complementary projects,
  • to support the regional and international focus of the humanities and social sciences at Freie Universität, in particular in the field of area studies, e.g., on Latin America and North America, East Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Caspian region,
  • to recruit outstanding researchers and doctoral students from abroad,
  • to prepare students at Freie Universität for a globalized world and to give them an international and intercultural perspective, for example, through student exchange, internships, and studying on an international campus in Berlin-Dahlem.