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Stays abroad for research assistants (“Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/innen”)

The Center for International Cooperation funds the internationalization of research at Freie Universität Berlin through a set of measures tailor-made to the needs of FUB scientists and scholars. As part of these measures, the “Stays abroad for research assistants” program makes available funds for international research and teaching stays.

Goals and Substance of the Funding

In order to provide special funding for academic staff, funding measures for stays abroad of up to six weeks for employed research assistants will be announced for 2016 and 2017. These stays abroad must be directly related to a research project undertaken at Freie Universität Berlin and should fit into the field of research of the relevant institute or faculty.

Stays abroad are intended to foster research, teaching or publishing opportunities with partners abroad. These stays may also incorporate on-the-ground research that is not possible at Freie Universität. Attendance of conferences cannot be funded in this way.

Stays abroad of up to six weeks will be funded up to a maximum of 5.000 Euro. They will be funded as business trips according to the German travel expenses law (Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG)) that is in force at the time of travel and must be approved by the relevant supervisor.


All Freie Universität Berlin research assistants are eligible to apply. Planned travel must take place during the duration of the present employment contract and be coordinated with the appropriate faculty. This must not conflict with the applicant’s teaching obligations or other contractual commitments.

Application deadlines and procedures

Applications are possible before:
- 29.02.2016 for travel during Summer Semester 2016
- 31.10.2016 for travel during Winter Semester 2016/2017

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis according to the following criteria:

  • demonstrable incorporation of the stay abroad into the planned research project
  • goals and feasibility of the project (incl. schedule)
  • compatibility with the research objectives of the institute or faculty
  • stays at Freie Universität Berlin’s partner universities will be given priority

Necessary documentation

Applications should not exceed 4 pages and should contain the following:

  • a description of the research project and an outline of the planned trip and the relevance to the field of research
  • approval of the faculty/supervisor of the stay abroad
  • confirmation from the partner institution that the stay is possible, where applicable
  • schedule of the research project
  • overview of expected costs

Applications should be submitted electronically to:

Center for International Cooperation
Judith Winkler
Freie Universität Berlin
Tel: (030) 838-73949

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