Freie Universität Berlin - China Scholarship Council Program for Doctoral and Postdoctorl Researchers (FUB-CSC Programm)

Cooperation with the China Scholarship Council

One highly successful example of the university’s efforts to recruit qualified junior scientists and scholars is its work with the China Scholarship Council (CSC). As part of a special program sponsored by the Chinese government, the CSC awards about 6,000 foreign scholarships each year to Chinese doctoral candidates, most of them from the top 50 universities in China.

Since 2008, Freie Universität has maintained a primary partnership with the CSC that makes it easier to recruit qualified junior scholars and scientists from China for doctoral programs at all departments of Freie Universität. The Beijing Office of Freie Universität disseminates information about available places, collects applications, supports professors in selecting candidates, and advises candidates on all matters relating to their applications and, if successful, their studies in Germany. The success rate among those candidates for a CSC stipend, once they have been accepted by the university, is very high. Scholarship recipients can decide whether to participate as “sandwich candidates,” working at their home universities during the first and final years of the doctoral program and spending the two years in between in Berlin; or whether they wish to complete a full four-year doctoral program in Berlin. Thanks to the CSC program, the number of doctoral candidates from China at Freie Universität Berlin has increased from 24 (winter semester 06/07) to 170 (winter semester 11/12).

Since 2013, doctoral candidates who have completed their Master's degree in Germany or elsewhere abroad have been funded as well.

Calls for 2017: PhD and Postdoc

Professors at Freie Universität Berlin are able to offer positions for Chinese doctoral candidates from July onward.These positions are either designed for a period of one or two years in the course of a so-called "sandwich"-type doctorate (where the candidate completes his or her degree at a Chinese university) or for a four-year full-doctorate at FU Berlin, starting in September 2017.

Aditionally, the program has included scholarships for postdocs since December 2013. In this case, a research-stay of one year is being funded. In some cases, a research-stay can be extended by another year, but funds must then be supplied by the side of Berlin. Please note: in contrast to the PhD program, the postdoc-program is only elligible for candidates who have completed their PhD-studies in China.

Calls for the FUB-CSC 2017 Program:

The offered PhD and Postdoc-positions as well as additional information will be published on the website of the Bejing Office around the beginning of October ( For any further questions, please contact Ms. Beate Rogler, the head of FUB's Chinese liaison office.

You can find the list of current offers on the website of our liaison office in Beijing

a)      PhD Candidates

b)      Postdocs

The Head of the Beijing Office, Beate Rogler, will be present at Freie Universität Berlin from 22.-30. June 2016. During this time she will be available for questions you may have.

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