BioClub at Freie Universität Berlin

The Idea

The BioClub was established by Freie Universität Berlin to bring together various disciplines working in fundamental research in the life sciences. By encouraging scientists to network, the goal is to foster professional contacts and develop them on a targeted basis so that joint applications (BMBF, EU) can be developed based on cross-institution cooperative activities.

Representatives of the Departments of Physics; Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy: Medicine: Veterinary Medicine; Bioinformatics and Mathematics are regularly invited to participate in discussion rounds with representatives of institutions not affiliated with the university and representatives of industrial firms.

Sponsorship and Executive Committee

The BioClub is sponsored by the executive vice president of Freie Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Monika Schäfer-Korting.

The event also receives substantial support from its scientific executive committee. The committee currently has the following members:

The Event

BioClub meetings take place monthly during the semester. Two established scientists from the life sciences or related disciplines are invited to each meeting to give brief talks about their work. The topics of these presentations cover a broad spectrum, from autoimmunity, epithelia, and mathematical modeling of synapses to multi-drug resistant pathogens, synthesis of active ingredients, and RNA technologies.

The talks are designed to accomplish two things: report on the latest findings and techniques and give junior scientists an opportunity to present projects and look for cooperation partners. The events are deliberately geared toward offering a chance to present new scientific ideas, approaches, and concepts at an early stage and develop them further with others, much like in a think tank. Depending on the field from which the selected presentation comes, industry partners can also be invited to attend as additional presenters or guests.


To ensure that all attendees have an opportunity for extensive sharing of opinions and active participation, the number of participants is limited. BioClub meetings are therefore by invitation only.


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