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Library of the School of Business and Economics

The library of the School of Business and Economics at Freie Universität Berlin is the largest business and economics library in the Berlin region.

Mar 28, 2013

Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Bibliothek in der Garystraße 21 ist mit ca. 600.000 Bänden die größte wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Bibliothek Berlins
The Library of the School of Business and Economics on Garystraße 21 has about 600,000 volumes. It is the largest library specialized in business and economics in the Berlin region. Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Located on Garystraße 21, the library has a wide range of media in both German and English and offers online access to the most important business and economic databases and journals. There is also a wide-ranging collection of textbooks available for students of Freie Universität.


The Business and Economics Library has more than 185 individual workstations. All the workstations are equipped with wireless Internet access, and print or download options are also available. In addition to individual carrel desks in the reading room, there are group work areas near the textbook collections and open stacks. There is a separate quiet room for undisturbed studying. Numerous computers are available for research purposes, and the library has modern photocopiers and scanners.


During the final phase of their studies, students at the School of Business and Economics can reserve a particular carrel desk in the reading room as well as a locker in the library, where they can safely store their papers and checked-out books.

The library offers a variety of courses and workshops for students enrolled in the School of Business and Economics. The courses include training in working with databases and EndNote, how to research and write academic papers or make presentations. It is also possible to get individualized training in doing research in business and economics.

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