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Strategic Planning and Reporting (SPB)

Kaiserswerther Straße 16-18
14195 Berlin
Simone Rabe
+49 30 838-452 250

SPB - Head of Strategic Planning and Reporting; Supporting the Executive Board in Strategy, Planning, and Control Processes and Their Implementation; Management of the CIO Board

SPB 1 - Deputy Head of Strategic Planning and Reporting; Performance-based Allocation of Funds; Data-based Reporting; Module Responsibility in Management-Information Systems; Reporting-oriented Data Management; IT Projects in Reporting Systems

SPB 2 - Strategic Processes, Rankings, Bbibliometrics and Research Data, Performance-based Resource Allocation, Reporting

SPB 3 - Strategic Processes, Structure Planning, Target Agreements, Gender Controlling, Reporting, Office of Stuctural Planning Commission

SPB 4 - Capacity Planning and Issues, Assistance with Module Support of Reporting Systems, IT Projects, Reporting Systems

SPB 5 - Capacity Calculation, Capacity Lawsuits, Assistance with Full-cost Accounting and Separation of Accounts

SPB 6 - CIO Office, Full-cost Accounting and Separation of Accounts, Module Responsible for SAP-CO, Participation in Cost Performance (AKL) and Indicators Project, Reporting Systems

SPB 7 - Team Assistant, Capacity Calculation, Assistance with Reporting Systems

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