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University Management

University Management

The Executive Board (Präsidium) is in charge of managing Freie Universität Berlin. Among its other responsibilities, the Executive Board approves the draft budget, publishes guidelines for budgetary and economic administration, and makes suggestions as to the establishment, modification, and elimination of organizational units, as well as proposing structural and development plans for Freie Universität Berlin and implementing the resolutions of the Academic Senate (Akademischer Senat) as to the establishment and elimination of courses of study.

The Executive Board is composed of the following:

Responsibility and Teamwork

The Executive Board works according to the principle of collective responsibility. The President is responsible for setting guidelines within the Executive Board. Within those guidelines, each Vice President and the Director of Administration and Finance (Kanzler or Kanzlerin) is responsible for managing his or her division independently and on his or her own responsibility. The Director of Administration and Finance supports the President in performing his or her duties. He or she manages ongoing administrative business and is bound by the guidelines set by the President in so doing. He or she is also the official in charge of the budget.

Executive Board Elections

The President and the First Vice President are elected by a majority vote of the extended Academic Senate. The candidates are nominated by the Academic Senate and elected by the Academic Senate independently of the Board of Trustees (Kuratorium). The President and the Academic Senate are entitled to propose additional Vice Presidents. The President and Vice Presidents generally serve for a term of four years. The Director of Administration and Finance is elected by the Board of Trustees upon nomination by the President and is appointed by the Senate of Berlin for a term of ten years.

Executive Support Teams

The work of the Executive Board is supported by the university administration and by a number of executive support teams (Stabsstellen):