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Jens Rabe (Head)

Members of the Election Committee

  • Matthias Thumser (Professor; Substitute: Dieter Ohr)
  • Uwe Ulbrich (Professor; Substitute: Matthias Hüning)
  • Katharina Schmidt (Academic Staff and Chairperson; Substitute: Melanie Erckrath)
  • N.N. (Academic Staff)
  • Marcel Schröder (Student / Ph.D. Student and Deputy Chairperson; Substitute: Isabell Schaller)
  • N.N. (Student / Ph.D. Student)
  • Lothar Fahrenkrog-Petersen (Staff; Substitute: Stefan Bavar)
  • Andreas Lück (Staff)

The Central Election Committee is responsible for the elections of the Academic Senate and the Academic Senate in its expanded constitution, the university members of the Board of Trustees according to § 64 BerlHG ("sitting Board of Trustees"), the Presidents' Offices (President and Vice Presidents), the election committee for the election of the women's representative and her deputies, and the council of the staff of the university library.

The Election Committee is responsible for carrying out elections, including the display of the electoral registers and their corrections, the examination and acceptance of candidates and lists, determination of dates and locations, organization of the procedure, determination of election results, and advising the committees and election organs in case of contested results.