East Asia and the Middle East (WE 4)

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The Institute of Japanese Studies is located in the building at Hittorfstraße 18. | Source: Nils Tiemann The Institute of Korean Studies is located at Fabeckstr. 7 in Dahlem. | Source: Stephan Töpper The Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies is located in Dahlem on Altensteinstrasse 34. | Source: Stephan Töpper The Institute of Chinese Studies is located in a red-brick building at Ehrenburgstr. 26-28. | Source: Stephan Töpper The Institute of Iranian Studies is located in Berlin-Dahlem on Schwendener Strasse 17. | Source: Bernd Wannenmacher At Altensteinstrasse 40 in Dahlem, students of Isamic Studies learn about the religion, law, culture, and society of the Islamic Middle East during the past and present. | Source: Stephan Töpper In Dahlem, at Schwendenerstrasse 33, students enrolled in Turkic Studies can explore the intellectual and material cultures of the Turkic peoples in the past and present. | Source: Bernd Wannenmacher

At a Glance

The East Asia and the Middle East academic unit at Freie Universität includes the fields of Iranian Studies, Islamic Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Semitic and Arabic Studies, Sinology, and Turkic Studies. The main focus is on an inter- and transdisciplinary analysis of aspects such as history, culture, society, politics, law, religion, economics, literature, and language in countries or sub-regions of Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Last Update: Jul 12, 2013