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Conflicts over Land and Global Change

01.12.2016 - 02.12.2016

International symposium of the Junior Research Group GLOCON “Global Change - Local Conflicts?”

Over the past 20 years a growing demand for raw materials as well as the financial and food price crisis have until recently led to a sharp increase in prices for mining and agricultural products. These global dynamics together with national policy and legal reforms have provoked large and rapid land use changes for agro-industrial and mining purposes worldwide. Land and resources are central to social power and belonging, human (re)production, political control, ecological systems and cultural representation. Their changing use, control, distribution and representation are contested and in many cases lead to conflict. The international symposium addresses these conflicts with a focus on four dimensions: (1) spatial dynamics; (2) state, authority and citizenship; (3) labor relations; (4) social movements.


Michael Watts (Keynote), Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Bernd Belina, Akua Britwum, Jan Brunner, Kristina Dietz, Bettina Engels, Katy Jenkins, Sarah Kirst, Detlef Müller-Mahn, Géraud Magrin, Victor Munnik, Louisa Prause, Oliver Pye, Elisabet Rasch, Astrid Ulloa, Boris Verbrugge

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01.12.2016 - 02.12.2016

Ihnestr. 16-20
14195 Berlin

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