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Reciting, Singing, Listening

04.07.2016 | 17:00 - 19:00

Musical Inspiration in Arabic Studies

  • Dwight Reynolds (University of California, Santa Barbara): “Musical Revolution in al-Andalus: From Sawt to Muwashshah”
  • Devin Stewart (Emory University, Atlanta): “Rhyme and Rhythm in the Qur’an”

Reciting and singing on the one hand, listening on the other, are activities that have played a particularly important role in Arabic intellectual culture by triggering processes of knowledge transfer over several centuries. Already in the Qur’an, recitation serves as a strategy of self-authorization, while at the same time, the revelations are emphatically distinguished from poetry and other forms of rhyming and rhythmic speech. Devin Stewart is one of the most important experts who deal with rhymed and rhythmic forms of discourse in the milieu of the Qur’an. Musical and poetic inspiration, however, are not only at stake with the genesis of the Islamic foundational text, but have been important motors for epistemic change later on as well. The intricate interrelations of cultural and religious dynamics with oral traditions, folklore, music and poetry in Arabic societies - notably in a Muslim Spanish context - have been extensively investigated by Dwight Reynolds.

Together with our two speakers, we wish to engage with the different ways knowledge is shaped through oral and aural activities such as reciting, singing and listening. This promises to give broader insights into the impact of the sensual on knowledge formation and change.

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04.07.2016 | 17:00 - 19:00

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