Conference: EMOTIONS

29.06.2016 - 02.07.2016


The conference brings together two major areas in contemporary Humanities: the study of how emotions were understood, expressed and performed in pre-modern contexts, both by individuals and within larger groups and communities; and the study of pre-modern cultural movements, contacts, exchanges and understandings, within Europe and between non-Europeans and Europeans. The period 1100-1800 saw a vast expansion of cultural movement through travel and exploration, migration, mercantile and missionary activity, and colonial ventures. Cross-cultural encounters took place within a context of beliefs – popular, religious and scientific – that were propagated in literary, historiographical and visual sources, with a eritage reaching back to the classical period, and with a long religious tradition. One strand of the conference will deal with the changing literary and visual cultures that mediated European understandings of African, Mediterranean and Asian peoples, practices and environments, and which reveal the image of Europe and Europeans in other regions. Tracing emotional cultural movements also invites consideration of the variety of spaces in which cultural movements and contacts occurred, and emotive responses to environmental features. More generally, the conference will consider the affective strategies of early modern Europeans in the acquisition, exchange and display of colonial objects.

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29.06.2016 - 02.07.2016

Seminaris Campus Hotel
Takustraße 39
14195 Berlin

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