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Screening of »Singing In Exile« at Moviemento Berlin-Kreuzberg

16.02.2016 | 20:00

Documentary | PL/FR/BEL | 77' | OwengST

Directed by: Nathalie Rossetti, Turi Finocchiaro

Script: Nathalie Rossettii
Cinematography: Raphael Van Sitteren, Maël Lagadec, Edouard Valette, Pôl Seïf
Music: Origan Cannella
Sound design: Origan Cannella, Agnès Szabo, Elsa Ruhlmann, Jeanne Debarsy
Editing: Rudi Maerten
Cast: Aram Kerovpyan, Virginia Kerovpyan, Jarosław Fret, Ditte Berkeley, Alessandro Curti, Aleksandra Kotecka, Jean-Francois Favreau, Emma Bonnici, Daniel Wilcox
Production: Aleksandra Wojtaszek (touchFilms), Turi Finocchiaro (Borakfilms)
Date: 2015

The oldest Christian nation of the world living in the diaspora celebrates the Genocide Remembrance Day on 24 April. On this day in 1915 the Turkish government issued an order to arrest the members of Armenian intelligentsia, which was the starting point of the mass extermination of this nation in the Ottoman Empire. One of the consequences of these events was the disappearance of the Armenian monodic church singing tradition. Aram and Virginia Kerovpyan, musicians and representatives of the French diaspora, together with a group of actors from the Zar Theatre from Wrocław go to Anatolia to look for the traces of the forgotten tradition of their ancestors.

Zeit & Ort

16.02.2016 | 20:00

Kino Moviemento
Kottbusser Damm 22
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U8 Schönleinstr.

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